Income Calculator for Charity Shops Re-Selling Used Electrical Items

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This calculator provides an estimate of how much income your charity could generate by accepting donations of and re-selling used electrical items in your charity shop(s).

Are You Ready To Accept Used Electrical Items?

To re-sell used electrical items you will need to ensure that they are safe. At least one member of staff will need to be trained to assess and test each donated item. You will also need a PAT Tester to electrically safety test each item.

If you don't have a PAT tester then there will be a initial purchase cost in year 1 plus an ongoing annual cost for the calibration check.

If you will need staff trained, which method of training would you choose?

We assume that you will need to train one additional member of staff every year and that this can be achieved via Distance Learning.

Number and Quality of Donations

The revenue you can expect depends on the quality and quantity of donated items. Some second hand electricals have low resale value; for example a second hand microwave oven may only generate £10-£20 and a used toaster only £5.
Other items can support a higher price; a relatively recent games console (e.g. PS3, Xbox 360) could sell for £50-£100 depending on exact specification and number of accessories or games included.

Calculated Revenue

Year 1 Year 2 and later
Potential Gross Annual Income
Cost of PAT Testing and Training
Potential Net Annual Income

Your shop could generate on average an additional £ annually by selling electrical goods and PAT testing them yourself.

Does Your Charity Or Hospice Have More Than 1 Shop?

Enter the number of shops:

We will assume the same estimated income and costs for all shops.

Across all your shops you could generate an additional £ annually by selling electrical goods and PAT testing them yourself.