Product Verification Certificate

Your First Stop Safety test instrument is supplied with a Product Verification Certificate

All new First Stop Safety test instruments; BattPAT PAT Tester, MemoryPAT PAT Tester and Microwave Checker, are supplied with a Product Verification Certificate.

What is a Product Verification Certificate?

The Product Verification Certificate, or PVC, is generated by First Stop Safety when the test instrument has passed all manufacturing and calibration tests and has been demonstrated to be operating to the required standards.

It is your assurance that the test instrument has been through First Stop Safety's performance verification and quality control processes.

Do I need a Calibration Certificate too?

No, a Calibration Certificate is not required unless your organisation's quality procedures specifically state that the test instrument must be supplied with a document called a "Calibration Certificate" or re-calibrated immediately prior to shipping.

Is the test instrument I have bought fully calibrated?

Yes! First Stop Safety's final manufacturing checks verify that the test instrument is properly calibrated and operating to the required performance standards.

When will it need to be calibrated again?

The test instrument will need to be re-calibrated 12 months after the date of entering service. The Calibration Date is shown on the front of the PVC.