FAQ About Reselling Used Electricals

Reselling used electrical items in a Charity Shop is not difficult or complicated. Some of the most common questions asked are answered in the table below:

Question Answer
I have heard you need to be an electrician to PAT test appliances, is that true? No, you do not need to be an electrician to PAT test. Anybody can do it after suitable instruction/training.
I have heard I need some electrical experience to PAT test and it is quite complicated, is that true? No, you do not need any electrical experience at all. PAT testing is not complicated as the majority of PAT testing is common sense and very straight forward.
What happens if an appliance develops a fault 6 months down the line and I PAT tested it and PASSED it before the customer purchased it? PAT testing is a bit like an MOT test on your car, you are just making sure that the appliance is safe to be sold on that day; you are not and can not be responsible for anything that could happen to it after then. It is important to keep a record of the items you have PAT tested in case you have to refer back to it.
I have lots of staff who accept donations including drivers. Do I have to train all of these staff to PAT test? On our training courses and training DVD we explain to visually inspect items for obvious faults and dangers before even using a PAT tester. This information can easily be passed on to these individuals who can then make an informed decision whether or not to accept a donation.
Do I have to stick a green PASSED label to an appliance before I sell it? It is a good idea to always label appliances. We can also show you how to keep a log of your PAT testing. However this is not a legal requirement.
What should we do with appliances that fail a PAT test? If an appliance fails a PAT test we recommend you apply a red ‘FAILED-DO NOT USE’ label (which we can supply) and dispose of the appliance for recycling. Alternatively if the appliance is of high value it can be passed to an electrician for repair.
If I purchase a PAT Tester and/or training from First Stop Safety do I have any support or anyone I can speak to if I need help PAT testing? Yes. First Stop Safety offers a free and friendly technical support helpline open 8:45am-5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am-4:00pm Friday.
Apart from PAT testing is there anything else I need to make sure an appliance has before I can sell it safely and legally? Yes there is, but again we can help you with this. For example an appliance must have wiring instructions with it to be sold.

For more information, click here to download our free comprehensive guide to reselling used electrical items.