MemoryPAT-Blu Industrial PAT Tester Package (Bluetooth)

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This package is based round the MemoryPAT Blu Portable Appliance tester and is a very easy to use battery powered PAT tester with display and memory to hold 2000 test results. It is ideal for those wanting to carry out in-house testing of 110V and 240V electrical appliances in factories and construction sites.

The comprehensive manual, labels and sample forms mean that even someone new to safety testing can be using our testers within an hour of unpacking. This is because it simply shows PASS or FAIL when a test is done. It is also safe for use on PCs and other IT equipment.

Product Information

Click on the links below to access information on the MemoryPAT Blu:

MemoryPAT Blu - Easy to use PASS/FAIL PAT tester with Display and Memory

The comprehensive manual, PAT test result labels and sample forms mean that even someone new to PAT testing can be using the MemoryPAT Blu tester within half an hour of unpacking.

The MemoryPAT Blu tester is safe for use on PCs and other IT equipment and can also be purchased as a Starter Kit.

How is the MemoryPAT Blu different from the BattPAT?

  • Long lead button going up in 5 metre steps upto 50 metres
  • Insulation testing at 500V and 250V for surge protected appliances
  • Test results shown on a large attractive display
  • Storage of 2000 results in memory with easy recall
  • Downloadable results either using the FREE PC download utility software supplied or wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity
  • Free Android app for use with Bluetooth technology enabling wireless transfer of test results. For more information on the PATRec application click here
  • Description of the Industrial PAT Package

    It includes the following:

    • MemoryPAT Blu tester with mains charger and USB lead all fully calibrated
    • Earth Test Lead
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Hard carry case (worth £49)
    • Product Verification Certificate
    • 1000 Tested Labels including 50 failed labels (worth £38)
    • 500 Fuse Labels (worth £24)
    • 5 “Before switching on” safety posters (worth £15
    • 110V adaptor (worth £20)
    • 110V plug to IEC (worth £20)
    • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
    • User Manual
    • "Master" Equipment Register form
    • "Master" Test Record form
    • Short IEC lead
    • Unlimited access to our Technical Support and PAT Testing Expertise

    Click here to download more info on the MemoryPAT.

    Qualify for a further £20 discount off the cost of this package by booking on one of our PAT training courses. For further details of this offer, please call Sales on 01904 791050.

    MemoryPAT Download Utility

    A FREE Download Utility is available to transfer all the tests and results to a PC for using in test reports. This allows the user to download or erase test results held in the memory of the PAT tester.

    Download and install the MemoryPAT Download Utility from here. This page also has demonstration videos and answers to FAQs about the Download Utility.

    USB Charger - Important Information

    The USB Charger supplied with the MemoryPAT-Blu is a 1 Amp charger. A lot of the chargers available elsewhere are only 0.5 Amp.

    When using a PC for connecting your MemoryPAT tester please be aware that older computers may only have USB 1.0 and 2.0 sockets that will only deliver up to 0.5A. This is not high enough to charge your tester and may cause issues with connectivity.

    Modern computers have USB 3.0 sockets and will deliver up to 0.9A which will provide enough power to ensure reliable connectivity.

    If you need a replacement charger please click here to purchase a genuine 1 Amp unit.

    Trade-in your old Pat tester

    We offer £50.00 off this product when you trade-in your old First Stop Safety pat tester.

    Click here for more info on our trade-in offer.

    PAT Tester Calibration

    Please note this product is supplied fully calibrated and comes with a Product Verification Certificate (click here for more information)

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