Introduction to Portable Appliance Testing

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This NEW 20-page e-book has answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Portable Appliance Testing.

How to get the pdf e-book

Just add this product to your basket, select zero-cost shipping and confirm the free order. You will then receive the link to the pdf e-book download via email.

Check the first email you get through - this will have the link to the free guide on it

Below are some of the questions covered in the e-book

  • What is PAT testing and why do I have to do it?
  • What types of appliances should be PAT tested?
  • What sort of things can go wrong with appliances?
  • Do I have to be an electrician to PAT test?
  • What type of tester should I use?
  • What does Class II mean?
  • What does Class I mean?
  • Are some appliances more prone to damage than others?
  • Are some workplaces more dangerous than others?
  • How often do I have to test?
  • What do you mean by inspection?
  • How can other members of staff help?
  • Am I to blame if someone gets a shock?
  • What about appliances brought in by visitors or staff?
  • Can I save money by PAT testing myself?
  • Can I PAT test for someone else?
  • Do I have to test Microwaves for leakage?

The guide also has information on Portable Appliance Testers, training, adaptors and accessories..

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