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Most organisations can save money by carrying out PAT Testing in-house. Having a member of staff able to check out electrical appliances also provides great flexibility on when the testing is carried out.

1.   Appoint a person to be responsible for this.

2.  Provide this person with appropriate training. First Stop Safety provides on-line and face to face training courses.

3.  Train all staff to look out for potential dangers.

4.  Make a list of all the electrical appliances on the premises. 

5.  Assess the periods for Formal Visual Inspection and Testing.

6.  Buy a tester that give Pass or Fail indication. The BattPAT shown here is one of the easiest to use PAT Testers available.

7.  Carry out Inspection and Testing at the appropriate intervals.

8.  Record all results and label equipment.

9.  Carry out testing if staff or residents bring in electrical equipment. 

10.  Use Help Line 01904 791050 if you have any queries.

BattPAT PAT tester
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