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General FAQ's

I do not live on the UK Mainland - is this a problem?

Unfortunately due to the prohibitive charges imposed upon us by our carriers, we are unable to offer standard carriage charges to our non-mainland customers. Please contact us for further advice.

My PAT Testing machine has not been calibrated for some time - does this mean my results are invalid?

Without annual calibration of measuring equipment, results cannot be guaranteed or relied on. It's important to ensure your machine is measuring accurately and the only way to do this is to return the unit for it's annual calibration. 

Do I have to pay for a Calibration Certificate?

No. Our Calibration Certificates are provided as a hard copy free of charge with our calibration service as well as with newly purchased testers too.

What is the turnaround time once my PAT Testing machine has been sent to you for annual calibration?

Usually within 3-5 working days from the date we received it - often sooner! 

My PAT Tester shows readings but I don't understand what they mean?

This is a common question. You may need a more advanced PAT Training Course in order to understand the readings, or alternatively if you have one of our MemoryPAT Pat Testing Machines, these show readings as well as a PASS or FAIL indicator. Please contact us to discuss our available training options.

Do your PAT Testing machines come with any warranty?

Yes they do. Our PAT Testing equipment and our Microwave Emission Checkers are all supplied with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This is automatically extended free of charge when we calibrate these machines for you. 

I am an electrical engineer - I assume I don't need any PAT Testing Training?

We strongly advise that you do - PAT Testing has particular processes and knowledge that would not necessarily be covered under an Electrical Engineer's Course. 

What is the difference between your online PAT Course with Certification and your Face to Face course?

In terms of the quality and content - nothing. Both have unique benefits - a face to face course allows one to have supervised practice testing and the online course allows one to study at their own speed and time of choosing.

Should I PAT Test all electrical items every year?

No, this is not necessary - there are other factors to take into account before deciding how frequently an item should be PAT Tested, such as type of appliance, class of appliance and the environment it is used in. We would strongly advise undertaking a PAT Testing Course with us for additional understanding.

I can't get to your office in York for a training course - what is the alternative?

We offer a fully online PAT Course with fully online Test and Certificate or if you have a number of people you'd like to train, we may be able to send our trainer to you. Please contact our team for more assistance.

I did a PAT Testing Course 6 years ago - is it still valid?

First Stop Safety advise that is it good practice to refresh one's PAT Training every 3 years - this is to ensure your training is up to date, that bad habits are identified and addressed and that everyone is again fully briefed on all aspects of the course.

I purchased your online PAT Testing Training Course with Test and Certificate - but I haven't received any information about how to access them online?

Access details are emailed within 48 hours to the email address supplied - please check your spam or junk folders carefully and double check the email address that you entered for the certificate was correct.

My Certificate was supposed to be emailed once I passed the online test, but I haven't received it?

Certificates are automatically emailed once a trainee passes the test(s). It is important to check any spam or junk folders, and that the email address you entered for the certificate was correct.

I have failed the online PAT Test. Do I need to purchase another one?

Yes. Our tests are single use.

There are several members of staff I would like to attend a PAT Training Course - are there any alternatives as we can't allow them all off site at once?

We can deliver a Private PAT Course for you at the premises of your choice for up to 10 delegates. Please contact us to arrange this.

How often should one take a refresher PAT Testing Training course?

There is no legal requirement to do so, however, we do recommend another course is studied and a test taken every 3 years. This is good practice and it also ensures all PAT Testing staff are up to date.

Do you have to be an electrician to do PAT Testing?

No. With a PASS/FAIL PAT Testing machine and a suitable PAT Testing Course, you will satisfy the HSE requirements to carry out PAT Testing. You do not need to be an electrician or have had any previous experience of PAT Testing to take the course.

I paid for an order today but I haven't received a VAT Receipt yet?

First Stop Safety email VAT receipted invoices within 24 hours of when the goods and/or services were despatched. Please remember to check spam or junk folders.

Couldn't find the answer you're looking for?

Please contact us today through our chat box.

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