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Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing

ISBN 9798323670901

PAT testing made easy

ISBN 9798321808160

Logbook for resellers of used electrical appliances

This EDITION 3 of the Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing (published Nov 2021) gives practical answers to questions raised during PAT testing. It is much easier to understand than the IET Code of Practice (COP). It strikes a balance between giving enough technical background and easy to follow practical advice in implementing a PAT testing scheme.

In 2020 the IET launched Edition 5 of the “Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment”. This introduced a number of significant changes to the recommendations on how Portable Appliance Testing is carried out. This latest edition of the handbook reflects these new recommendations. There is a brief summary of the changes in Appendix 7.

This is a simple guide to maintaining appliances in low-risk environments like offices, shops, hotels and nursing homes. It is also a guide for people working from home so that they can continue to make sure that any device they use for work is safe to use.

This book has hit a nice balance between the information that is freely available on-line and attending a PAT training course. While the course remains a necessity for those wanting a practical session and a certificate, this book helps to demystify the subject and gets you started quickly.

This log book is for Charity Shops and other organisations testing and selling used electrical items. It is for recording test results. More than 90 pages for results to be recorded and 20 items to a page. Some sample pages are shown here.


Ideal for retention by the Charity Shop Manager as proof that the testing has been done.


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