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Charity and Reseller FAQ's

None of my shop staff have any experience in PAT Testing - can they still take your course?

Yes they can. Our courses are designed for beginners, with no PAT Testing experience or electrical knowledge.

Is there a special PAT Testing course for Charity Shop staff and volunteers to take?

Yes. Our Private Reseller Course is specifically designed for resellers of second hand electrical items and so is our reselling online course with Test and Certification.

We have some expensive lamps that are very old and will fail a PAT Test - should we throw them away?

Often charity shops receive donations such as lamps that have a significant intrinsic value BUT they cannot be PAT tested. In these situations, we advise that an electrician takes a look and advises what can be done. Sometimes, it is appropriate to sell them as 'For Decorative Use Only'.

Is it true that electrical appliances without rewiring instructions have to have a special label attached explaining how to rewire it?

Yes. This is a Trading Standards Requirement. First Stop Safety supply Electrical Wiring Tape. Please contact us to place an order.

We have all the tools you need to gain knowledge to begin your PAT Testing journey with confidence. We also have a range of packages available suitable as starter packages for those beginning their PAT Testing journey which include everything you need to get started. We have replacement chargers, adaptors, labels and carry cases available to purchase. Contact our friendly sales team for more information.

How do I safely get started in PAT Testing?

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