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My screen is blank

This can happen if the cable between the screen and the main PCB becomes disconnected. Sometimes this happens immediately after the unit has been calibrated if the tester is knocked or dropped during transit. Please contact Sales to arrange collection and repair.

Error Codes

Error codes usually indicate an internal problem with the tester which requires it to be returned for repair. One exception to this is Error Code 4. This indicates a problem with the IEC cable test function but can also be triggered by powering up the tester with a cable already plugged in for testing. Remove the cable under test, power down and power up again to see if the fault is cleared.

Tester is reading high or failing earth continuity on almost everything I test

The Earth Test Lead (ETL) on the PAT-IT has a screw connection to hold the wire to the crocodile clip. Sometimes this can work loose. Check that the screw is fully tightened.

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