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This Professional, Calibrated Microwave Checker is an easy-to-use, accurate meter for checking leakage from Microwave Ovens. This meter is calibrated carefully to detect dangerous levels and comes complete with a Lifetime Warranty included. Beware of cheap uncalibrated meters that claim to detect Microwave leakage.


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The tester includes 25 'RF Emission Tested' and 5 'failed' labels.


It is important to regularly check for possible leakage from Microwave Ovens in the workplace. Not only can excessive leakage be a problem for staff, it can be of particular danger to expectant mothers. This checker can be used to verify any leakage from Microwave Ovens within a few minutes.


Calibrated Microwave Leakage Checker
This meter is calibrated carefully before being shipped out to a customer. Beware of many cheap inaccurate meters that claim to detect microwave leakage but cannot be calibrated properly.


Microwave Leakage Checker - Features

  • Lifetime Warranty included
  • Calibration Certificate included 
  • RF measurement range from 0.07 mw/sq cm to 7.1 mw/sq cm
  • 10 LEDs to show level in this range
  • Easy to read red/amber/green indication
  • Simple push button operation
  • Power On indication
  • Battery Low indication
  • 25 "RF Emission Tested" and 5 "Failed" labels included

Microwave Leakage Checker

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