Allows the testing of 230V mains extension leads when used in conjunction with the 230V adaptor. We supply this in a 16A and 32A version.


This adaptor allows extension leads with 230V plugs and sockets to be tested. Use with the 230 V adaptor. Just plug the 230V adaptor into the PAT-IT or the BattPAT and connect the extension lead into the blue 230 V socket. Plug this adaptor into the other end of the extension lead and into the IEC testing socket on the PAT-IT or the BattPAT. Press the IEC test button on the PAT-IT (Power Cord button on the BattPAT) to carry out the test.

16A Version (PAT230E16)

  • Internal Measurement 37mm
  • External Measurement 42mm

32A Version (PAT230E32)

  • Internal Measurement 50mm
  • External Measurement 55mm

230V Plug to IEC Adaptor

SKU: PAT230E16