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Allows electrical safety tests to be carried out on 3 phase appliances. We supply 16A and 32A versions in 4-pin (3L+E) and 5-pin (3L+E+N) configurations. Can be used with any PAT Tester.


3-Phase appliances are in common use around many factories. If these can be moved, then it is essential to carry our electrical safety testing on these. We supply a range of adaptors to allow this testing to be done.
Just plug the adaptor into the PAT Tester and plug the appliance into the adaptor and then carry out the test as normal.
These adaptors are for PAT testing ONLY. They are not to be used to power the appliance eg. Using a PAT tester with a RUN feature.



  • Internal Measurement 50mm
  • External Measurement 55mm


  • Internal Measurement 58mm
  • External Measurement 81mm


  • Internal Measurement 58mm
  • External Measurement 62mm


  • Internal Measurement 64mm
  • External Measurement 70mm

3 Phase Adaptors

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