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PATRec Android App

The PATRec application compliments the MemoryPAT-Blu and allows PAT test results to be annotated and saved as they are made. Communication between the MemoryPAT-Blu and the Android device (e.g. Smartphone or Tablet) running the PATRec application uses Bluetooth.


The PATRec application is designed to run on any Android device running V4.x.y or later of the Android operating system and is free to download from the Google Play Store. This app, due to security changes on Play Store, does not work on all versions of android. 


PATRec allows the PAT test result to be annotated by optionally adding any or all of the following additional information:

  • Information on the location of the Unit Under Test

  • Details of the Unit Under Test

  • Formal Visual Inspection results


PATRec also displays the full PAT test results including PASS/FAIL and individual test measurements and settings e.g. insulation resistance or test voltage. Additionally PATRec can use the rear camera on the Android device to read a barcode and directly input into the Appliance ID field.


PAT test results are saved to a CSV format file on the Android device and the filename can be configured by the user from within the PATRec app. CSV format files will import into most spreadsheet programs including Excel and Kingston Office for Android (also a free download from the Play Store).

​Instructions on how to use and configure PATRec can be downloaded by clicking here.


Privacy Policy for PATRec Application

The PATRec app does not collect or store any personal or user sensitive information.

On installation, the PATRec app will request permission to use the camera on the device. This is solely required for the purpose of reading a barcode when initiated by the user. No images are saved on, stored or transmitted from the device. The camera is only used when the user presses the barcode icon within the application.

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